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Services that Exalta customers can avail:

  • - In-Home : Professional technicians visit your home to service your Product as per your comfort
  • - Carry-In : Customer bring in his / her product to the nearest service center for service

In-warranty Service

If the defect or failure occurs while using the product in normal condition (functional defect) within the warranty period, In such case the customer can avail in warranty service by providing the purchase invoice at the time of service.

Out of warranty service

Items Applied as Out of Warranty Service

Out of warrantyAfter expiry of Product standard warranty period ,all services are on chargeable basis to the customer.
Re-Install/RemovalRe-install /second demo/ explanation /external connections ,requests like connecting the external device etc. are chargeable
Product of Different companyFaulty product of other company/ interconnected device except for the product that the customer request. (Router, Set top, Game consol, Cable/alloter, drainage pump, tempered glass, Assembled PC, S/W of other company and so forth)
ExpendabilityIn case that the expendable part’s warranty is expired/ lifespan is ended.
(Battery, Filters, Ramps, Head, Tonner, Drum, Chemical and so forth)
In case that the product is defect due to the customer use the part that is not provided by Exalta or option items
Natural disasterIn case that the product ‘s defect due to natural disaster (Earthquake, Cyclone, Storm, strike of lighting, flood, etc ), fire, damage from sea wind and so forth
Customer Carelessness
  • - In case that the product is defect from customer’s fault(Including software)
  • - In case that the product is defect due to the customer doesn’t keep the caution of user manual.
  • - In case that the product is defect due to the customer make a rooting, modification by himself not by LG authorized service center.
  • - In case that the product is defect due to customer carelessness without any confirmation in advance like the faulty of circuit breaker, socket, multiple tap and mis-power on, plug in error, etc
  • - In case that the customer request the service due to cut off the water, stop the water/ gas ,etc
  • - In case that the customer request the service due to the external environment like faulty of internet service, antenna, wired signal and so forth.
Etc.It’s just customer’s request even though the product is not defect
(It’ll be charged to the customer even though the product is in In-warranty.)
ex. Check whether the product is normal or abnormal.
Cleaning filter due to the blockage of the product filter and so forth.
? It’ll be helpful if the customer check the Exalta service homepage for examining product simply or seeking the trouble shooting.

Standard to estimate SVC charge

Service cost is made up of part cost and repair charges like the below.

Part charges :
Means the price of the part/s consumed in repairing the product. The part charge will be communicated by the engineer before carry out the repair
Repair charges :
Repair charge means the engineer’s fee according to the repair level. Refer the table
Transport charges :
Transportation charges applicable when the product is taken to the workshop for repair
In case of Gas Charging in AC / Refrigerator the transportation charges is applicable for home service.
Inspection charges :
Inspection charges applicable in case customer not interested in availing repair service. refuses for
Site Inspection Charges :
These charges are applicable in case of customer desire for site inspection for installation of air conditioner
These charges can be adjusted in case AC installation done by same service center

Repair Cost for In-home & Carry-in Service

 Chemical Wash and Gas charging rates are exclusive of service charge.

 Site Inspection charges to be adjusted against the AC Installation charges.

 AC Gas charging transportation to be collected for In Home Service.

In case compressor failed during compressor warranty period, Gas charging is not chargeable from customer 
 Extra VAT is applicable on gas amount

Installation/ Dismantling

Window solar AC500400500
Split solar AC15005001000
Solar Panel Installation10/watt10/watt10/watt
Eco AC300400300

 Standard Installation apply
 Civil/Welding & Electrical work will cost extra as per actual

# Transportation applicable only when set is taken to workshop(AC Gas charging transportation to be collected for In Home Service also)

  • - Rates mentioned are exclusive of service tax.
  • - Service charges are applicable for customer abused set both I/W and O/W
  • - No Service charges applicable if complaint repeats itself within 3 months from date of service invoice.
  • - No service charges applicable for accessories replacement.
  • - Charges mentioned above w.e.f 11-March-2017 & are subject to change without prior notice.
  • - Standard charges applied for Dismantling/Re-installation for products not mentioned above.

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